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Become a Feminist Ambassador

Become a Feminist Ambassador


Join the Online Marketplace for Empowering Feminists Across the World! 

You are working hard to spread feminist ideals because you're passionate about taking a stand against inequality - but unfortunately we all know that determination and strong values don't quite help pay the bills on their own. That's why we've launched our Feminist Ambassador program - to help you easily earn some extra cash without compromising what you stand for!




1.  Sign Up!

Sign up at our Feminist Ambassadors' management site here. It’s free!



2.  Share!

This is where all the fun happens! Use your own creative content to share your personal referral link with your friends, family and fans! 



3.  Earn!

Earn 10% of the product’s cost every time someone makes a purchase through your unique link!


As a Feminist Ambassador, you will be contributing to a thriving community of artists and activists responsible for sparking engaging conversations surrounding feminist issues and intersectional feminism as a whole. Simply share the offerings of our Feminist Creatives and Shop By Cause Partners with your friends, family and followers through your own Ambassador link. Then, when they make a purchase, we'll share a portion of the profits with you!

It's the ultimate win-win! You'll be helping our community grow and enabling our Creatives to get the recognition they deserve - all while earning a commission for any sales you help make!

Check out the answers to our most FAQs below! 

  • How are the payments made?   Payments are made through PayPal.
  • What is the payment schedule?   You’ll receive a digital payment every month on the 1st. 
  • How can I track my earnings?  You will be able to log in through our Ambassador management service, Refersion, to keep track of your earnings and update your information.
  • Can Feminist Creatives be Feminist Ambassadors as well? Yes! Our Feminist Creatives are welcome to become Ambassadors as well to increase their well-earned profits. You can even create a custom trackable link that directs directly to your collection page!
  • Is this program available everywhere?  Yes, the beauty of the internet allows us to connect with the global feminist community! We are proud of our international group of Feminist Creatives and invite those who are active in engaging in intersectional feminist to sign up to become an Ambassador - no matter where you live! 

Become a Feminist Ambassador Today!


Sign Up Here!


 Still have a question? Contact our team at for more information! 

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