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Our Covid-19 Update

Currently, we are in the midst of a global tragedy. Here at Feminist Apparel, safety of everyone, including our local community, is our #1 priority.

September 30th Update - Average turnaround time is 2-9 business days

Part of our efforts to maintain sustainable fashion, is that our apparel is made as customers order it. Our turnaround times for this are currently 2-9 business days. It has increased slightly, predominately due to delays from apparel companies like Bella+Canvas that are operating at reduced capacity due to covid-19. We hope to return to 2-7 business days as soon as safely possible.

We also ask that while the average time is 2-9 business days, restocking can sometimes take a bit longer, so ask all customers allow up to an addition 3 business days.

As this is a fluid situation, if anything changes, we will update our customers ASAP on this page, and contact any impacted customers directly.

We also ask that customers allow their postal service extra time to deliver their packages. Postal services around the world have been inundated with packages throughout the crisis and as a result, delivery times have been impacted. Once we have shipped an item, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to speed up it's delivery. 

Our customers have been incredibly understanding and we feel very blessed with their support. Thank you!

What happened & how did Covid-19 impact Feminist Apparel?

Covid-19 unfortunately impacted us directly, and sometimes indirectly: 

  • Important, crucial social distancing measures have slowed down the printing process. 
  • Heavy delays from our base apparel partners, especially Bella+Canvas, due to social distancing measures. 
  • Large shipping delays, due to a large increase in online sales, resulting in both slower shipping to us, and to our customers. 

It is our hope that we will all work together to protect our communities through unity & a joint effort to save lives.

With love,

- The FA Team

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