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Since F.A. started back in 2013, you all have shared countless beautiful, empowering - and sometimes funny - stories about what has happened while you are wearing your Feminist Apparel gear! Maybe you struck up an unexpected conversation, changed a heart, or got sent home from school... Whatever it is, we love hearing about the wide range of experiences you have while boldly wearing your feminist ideals for all to see.

We've collected just a few of our favorite photos and stories for us all to enjoy. We can't wait to hear what happens next, so keep sharing your experiences with us!


"I love me where I'm at, but I want my muscles back."
- Alaina, merrysparkletits

"💕Spread love and positivity wherever you go💕"
- Yami, yamilovesyou

"Rape is a very serious issue, no matter what you think or heard, and it should never, ever be blamed on the victim. Rape doesn't happen because a girl, or even guy, wears too short of shorts or dresses or acts a certain way. Rape happens because of rapists. You can also raise awareness of serious problems like rape, the wage gap, or overall women's rights, even if it's just by wearing a shirt. #Feminism rules!!"
-Colby, colbyschmittt

Photo taken by Harveen while in France

Photo of Actress Diane Guerrero, dianeguerrero_

I was wearing the shirt that said "pizza rolls not gender rolls" and this guy came up to me and told me he didn't think he agreed with my shirt. I decided to ask him a riddle:

A man and his son are in a bad car accident and the son is flown to the hospital for emergency care. The doctor sees the boy and exclaims; "I can't operate on him! That's my son!" How is this possible?

The guy who I'd given the riddle to pondered for a long, long time. (He asked if perhaps the couple were gay, if the boy had been adopted, etc). When at last he turned to me and asked "how is it possible?" I said, plainly, "The doctor is his mother.

And that's why I'm wearing this shirt."

-Madison Hofer-Holdeman

Feminist author Roxane Gay read my Angry, Liberal, Feminist, Killjoy tank top and told me that I am a total badass! Then she signed all 3 of my books!

- Dartricia Walker

Photo of singer and Actress Ariana Grande

"First day of my senior year and I'm still:
1. awkward in front of a camera, and
2. sick of your gender stereotypes."
-Aili, ailirene

Photo taken by Renee, wildcozytruth

Photo taken by Ethan, prince_ethan_boy

"Cellulite in full effect. #ootd #myfaveshirt"

-Aris, arisdanyelle

Photo taken by Jess, jessicakr11

With my 'Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights' shirt on working in the research lab in my university, one of the research technicians from another lab stopped me to compliment my shirt. She then informed me that she led the movement at my university over 20 years ago to have equal pay for women who were research technicians.

The men had been making more until she came along with her movement! She then took it one step further and led a community program to empower women in the small Southern town she lives in, a place known for sexism. She helped set up a networking organization to help women move forward and up in their careers.

Because of this shirt, I learned that I was working right next door to a feminist crusader! She is an inspiration.
- Kate

I am an avid writer - a writer of fantasy, more specifically. I love fearsome heroines who don't need a handsome prince to save them. I was in a writing class geared towards people who write fantasy. In the class, though, it was mostly filled with boys - and they made me feel pretty uncomfortable, often making comments about how I should leave fantasy writing "to the men", as if only guys are able to write the genre well.

It made me so angry - I went there to write creatively, and these guys thought they were allowed to take that away from me because I'm a girl. So the next day, I wore a Feminist Apparel T shirt, and I felt so much better about myself! I was ready to take down both unreasonable boys and the patriarchy like the badass heroine I've always written about.

-Allison Cantelli

Photo taken by Maria, mariaa_reed

"Quality meow!"

-Liz, lizburleigh

"When you love your fellow babes so much ya just wanna dance 💃 #empoweredwomenempowerwomen"

-Julia, plussizeprotagonist

Photo of singer Nadya from Pussy Riot, nadyariot

"A blonde and a brunette walk into a bar... and have an intelligent discussion about the wage gap and discrimination in the workplace, citing facts from reputable sources."

-Maddi, maddimcfurby

"Unapologetic" - mjt____

Feminism is something I have always been passionate about. Throughout high school I had never hesitated to show outward support for this movement. My Feminist Apparel shirts are the t-shirts I wear most. Although I wore these shirts all the time, I never got any comments on them. It wasn't until the summer before my senior year where someone changed my life while I was wearing a shirt from Feminist Apparel.

I was sitting at a coffee shop and writing in my journal, I know this story may sound extremely cliche, but it truly did change my life. I was writing, and wearing one of my Feminist Apparel shirts titled, "Don't objectify", suddenly I looked up and a man was sitting across from me with his kids. He started talking to me and he had asked about my t-shirt and journal.We embarked on this whole conversation about his life, and how he had came across feminism. He had told me how his wife is an anesthesiologist, and how he was a stay at home dad. He told me to keep writing and to not stop, he talked about gender roles, stereotypes, and after about an hour, he got up and left with his two kids.

At first, I was a bit shocked on what had just happened. I was inspired to have heard his story, it was amazing, and unique. Later that summer, at the beginning of my senior year I went on to start a club about feminism and gender topics at my high school called The Empowerment Club. This experience only happened because my t-shirt. It was coincidence, and it was a lucky fate. I am sure that I would've started this club regardless, but this man truly gave me a prospective that I needed for the club, and for my life.

- Hailey Thomas

I got a Riot Grrrl onesie for my 4 month old daughter and took a photo of her with our favorite Le Tigre album. It got picked up by a riot grrrl account on Instagram and more people saw it than I could have imagined!


Ever since I found out I was pregnant I was so excited to raise a feminist kid, and I was so stoked to discover that since Feminist Apparel has baby clothes, I could get started having my little girl be loud and proud early.

- Julie Sharron

I am a high school teacher and I wear my Feminist Apparel on my self declared "Political Shirt Fridays." Every Friday I wear a shirt that is political in the eyes and life of my high schoolers. My favorite shirt to wear from Feminist Apparel is the GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. I wear the shirt as a silent way of standing as an ally to my students. At first some students just read the shirt aloud, or they just ask what it says. Then as time goes on and students start to know me a little better they will tell me, "Ms. Hindes, I like your shirt" or "I like this shirt the best." I take this as a silent nod toward solidarity. I take this as a way for students to be heard. I think this is a silent way to say, "I see you."

A student who had taken interest in the shirt shared a story with me in an assignment. She shared the story of being young and scared and coming out to her friend in middle school. Her friend turned out to be no friend at all and my student was left unsure of herself and alone. She told the story of meeting a school social worker and trying to find people who would accept and love her. She shared this story with not only me, but a small group of her peers at our highlights night. After she shared her narrative students wrapped around her in support. She had found a community.

I wonder if she would have shared had I not worn that shirt. I think that Political Shirt Friday gives students that opportunity. My shirts say, "I see you. I hear you. You are not alone." I wonder what shirt I wear that will speak to a student. I wonder what shirt might be exactly what someone needs to hear. I wonder what shirt might be the slight push someone needs to say, "Hey Ms. Hindes. I like your shirt."

- Jen Hindes

Photo taken by Catie, catiecaitlyn

Photo taken by Terri _tbrumm

"Empowered women empower women." Not upset about the giant dog beside me either. 💪🐕

-Suzanna, suzitai

Photo taken by Katherine, _childrenofthecorn

"Wearing my favorite gym shirt... I'm sure I'll lose some followers but what can you do? Pussies against Trump. 🐱"

-Kaeli, rugby_thighs_and_fries

"🌸🌷🌹feminism, i love it"

-Grace-Anne, graygray30

If you ask my mom what she wants to be when she grows up, she will always respond the same way. It's turned into the answer I now give people.

She, and now I, want to be mermaids. Mom grew up by the sea, eating lobsters from fresh fish markets and diving head first into the Atlantic. When I was young, we didn't live near the ocean, but somehow that part of her was always with me, so I went to school to become a fisheries ecologist.

This past summer I moved 5000 miles from our New York home to work in a fisheries lab in Anchorage, Alaska. My folks came up to visit me, and with her my mom brought me a present. She got us matching "Mermaids against misogyny" shirts... probably the dorkiest, most wonderful present I've ever received.

This is a woman who walked for abortion rights in DC, worked to get herself through college because her father didn't want to waste money on a degree for a woman, and raised my brother and I as strong people .So, we wore these shirts and hiked a mountain the next day. My favorite picture of her is on top of the mountain, hands in the air, making the world around her stop for a minute. My mother is a bonafide dork, but she is one of the strongest people I have ever met in my life. I am proud to wear a matching mermaid shirt with her. 

- Kat O'Brien

I wore my " Girls just want fundamental human rights shirt" to the "Recall Judge Aaron Persky" rally. A police officer read my shirt, and stopped cold in her tracks. She said, " All this time and I never thought that freedom from rape, is a human right's issue." She got tearful, and thanked me for being at the protest and wanted me to know that she was going to talk to other police officers about the fact that women deserve justice in America when they have been raped.

-Marilyn Graves

"Here's a picture from last year to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with our amazing, matching shirts."

-Rosangelie, napoleonadinamita 

Photo taken by Sabrina, sabrinarubli

"Say hello to the coolest shirt I've ever owned #feminist #cats"

-Rebecca, rebeccarosey2709

"I'm a special education teacher in a 6th grade class. Every year we take the students on a two day camping trip called Outdoor Education where the students learn about environmental science and being active outside. The first day was a bit chilly so I wore my white sweatshirt with the word "feminist" in cursive across the front while we took the kids to the high ropes course. One of our students, Ashley, didn't want to participate because of back pain she frequently experiences. I told her that she didn't have to do anything that she didn't feel comfortable doing.

A male student saw that she wasn't getting ready for the course and tauntingly asked her if it was because she was too weak and afraid of embarrassing herself in front of the boys. Before he had even finished speaking, she said "Don't ever, ever assume that you know a woman's emotions and don't ever assume that my capabilities are any less than yours." My jaw actually dropped because I was so proud and impressed and I don't think I've ever heard her stand up for herself before. The male student was obviously embarrassed and quickly walked away. After glaring at him for a second, she pointed to my sweatshirt and said, "I think I want to be a feminist, too". It was absolutely amazing."

- Rachael Kustka

"Anybody who knows me knows I am a proud feminist. So I finally bought my cute feminist shirt. Now my university is not a big one, and it's located where some people are close-minded and like to think that feminists are just man-hating women. Me being bold and not caring, I wore my feminist shirt proudly around campus. I received some dirty looks, questioning looks, and some smiles. But one in particular was a guy coming up to me and asking why am I'm wearing a feminist shirt. I explained to him that I am a feminist and I am showing people that I support equal rights for everyone.

We ended up talking even more about the feminist topic and political subjects around it. Long story short, seven months later that guy is my boyfriend who now is a feminist too. Even though I was a little scared wearing my feminist shirt, I decided to take a chance and show people what I stand for. While doing that I landed a boyfriend and also educated him on what being a feminist is. Some people don't know and just assume, but it takes someone bold to share and spread the good message. Show that being a feminist is nothing to be scared of. We are who we are and should be proud of it."  

- Adreece Rabb


""Empowered women empower women" ⚡️These shirts / this pose ~ pretty much says it all👸
Warrior with my warrior"

-Barbie, listentoyourtruth and Marlee, marleenamaslays

Photo taken by Sid, majawnski

"sometimes you have to embrace your inner mermaid 🍭 i decided that there's no better time to embrace your quirks than right now. you control you. your hair, your clothes, your interests and your hobbies are all for you; break free. do things for yourself, and love every moment of the process. this is just my beginning."

-Caitlin, caitlinisgroovy

"I wore my black "Eliminate Girl Hate" tank to a pre-work early morning dance party once, because sometimes a girl has to get her freak on before spending eight hours sending a lot of emails signed "Best." I was standing in line for juice when a girl tapped me on the shoulder. "Your shirt..." She said. I turned around and observed that she was wearing a unicorn onesie. "'s amazing. Eliminate girl hate!" She began chanting it and soon our line of six people was all chanting along with her.

I doubt the rest of the party heard us because the music was so loud, but our little group shared a brief, special moment and multiple high fives. As silly as it was, I like to think my magical unicorn really did inspire us (myself included) to remember to support our fellow women that day, to see each other for the beautiful, mythical beings we are and to love each other unabashedly."

-Emily O'Connell

"Over the course of the summer, I spent many days in central London exploring the city on my own. As I was waiting for my bus to arrive one day (clad in my beloved #feminist shirt from FA), I noticed another girl at the stop wearing a shirt that read "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." I instantly recognized the slogan from my many hours of perusing the FA website.

Unable to resist complimenting her on it, I walked up to her and said that I loved her shirt and had been thinking of buying it before I bought my #feminist one. She said that before I had walked up to her, she had been about to approach me to compliment me on my shirt! We ended up catching the same bus and getting off two stops apart. Needless to say, we talked for the whole ride about feminism, the patriarchy, and our favorite slogans from FA. While we never exchanged numbers and didn't keep in touch, it was a really cool experience to bond with someone over something so familiar so far from home, and it's wonderful to know that Feminist Apparel can bring people together from all over the world, no matter where you are."  

- Klara Pokrzywa


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