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Why Ethical Fashion Is Important & Our Commitment

When you purchase from us here at Feminist Apparel, you aren’t just supporting independent female artists passionate about equality + amazing charities: you are also supporting ethical fashion, manufacturing & business.

With “Fast Fashion” on the rise, apparel companies are producing cheap products. The apparel industry produces 400% more clothes than it did 20 years ago. Not only is this resulting in poorly made clothing that does not last, it also comes at a huge, hidden cost: it comes at the expense of workers rights & the environment. Here are some sobering statistics: 

  • Over 80 billion garments are produced each year.
  • Each year, over 35kg of apparel waste per person is produced in the USA.
  • Most workers are not paid a living wage.
  • The average working week is 96 hours.
  • And many staff are required to work until 2am to 3am during peak seasons.

Here at Feminist Apparel, we are dedicated to Ethical Fashion instead. Here is how we are different & what steps we are taking to change this.

Manufacturing Within The USA & Supporting Local Communities

We print all of our apparel within the USA. Not only does this mean that we are supporting local communities, but it also means that we can ensure that workers are treated fairly & ethically & receive a live-able wage. The exception to this is our production partners in Europe for our European customers & friends. We also ensure that their staff are treated ethically, fairly & receive a live-able wage as well.

As part of that commitment, most of our base apparel is produced by Bella+Canvas, which is dedicated to local USA manufacturing while also producing high-quality clothing. Click here to read more about their commitment. 

Printing Garments On-Demand As Ordered

Because of Fast Fashion, more & more garments are being produced that customers never buy. To ensure a steady supply & stock of products, apparel companies over-produce clothing. This is especially devastating as the number of clothing lines has significantly gone up: apparel brands now produce on average 52 micro-collections each year, instead of the previous 2-4 seasonal lines. 

Here at Feminist Apparel, to combat this, we utilize on-demand printing. When you order from us, each product is custom made for you. This means that there is almost zero apparel waste, as we do not produce garments that are never bought.

This adds some extra time into processing your order which we outline in our Shipping & Order FAQ. Thank you for your patience. By printing garments on-demand, we are able to stop apparel waste.

Printing Garments Locally In Europe To Reduce Shipping

When our European friends & customers order from us, we do our best to try & manufacture locally where possible. Not only does this help support their local communities, but it means that we do not have to ship the products by air from the USA & drastically reduce our environmental footprint. While our European partners are not able to produce all garments, they are able to produce:

This is something we’ve been working on & we are very excited to now be able to be able to introduce moving forward in 2020. 

All Of This Is Possible Because Of YOU

Here at Feminist Apparel, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our customers. To produce Ethical Fashion, it requires that there be a few sacrifices, such as increased production times. And so we thank you for still choosing us, and for supporting workers rights. Thank you for being a mindful consumer & support sustainability & equality.

With love,

The FA Team

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