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Our Charitable Partner For This Year

When you purchase from Feminist Apparel, 10% of all of proceeds go towards our charitable causes. With your help, Feminist Apparel has been able to donate over $135,000.

This year, we have chosen to focus on the UN's Millennium Development Goal 3 by empowering women globally by ending the disparity in primary & secondary education.

Save The Children - Removing Girls From Brothels 

We have chosen Save The Children as we were inspired by Project Samreen. 

This here is Samreen. She is 10 years old, and she was born in a brothel in Daulatdia, Bangladesh. It can be hard to comprehend just how horrific this brothel is: over 1,500 women live there & sell sex to customers each & every day. Some women were kidnapped as children by gangs, some were tricked, and others were sold into sex slavery by their parents. Among these women are over 900 children who, if not provided another life, will be destined to one day grow up & be forced into the same lives as their mothers. 

If these girls can get an education, they can leave the brothel. The only school available to them is the one set up & run by Save The Children. With an education at this school, these girls can change their lives & future.

The Samree Project funds:

  • School uniforms.
  • Books, stationary & diaries. 
  • Upkeep of school grounds.
  • Training & hiring of new teachers. 

We believe these girls deserve a better future, and hope that with your help, they can live a better life.

    Thank you for helping us not only spread the message that we need to end gender inequality, but to also help us throughout the years support important charities that are doing great work. 
    With love,

    The FA Team


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