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Throughout the first 5 years of this company, we've had lots of highs, a few major lows, and everything in between, but the constant that has kept us going throughout it all has been YOU + our purpose for existing and our beliefs. From Day 1, the mission of Feminist Apparel has always been to help spread the conversation surrounding everything that is feminism and the everyday events and issues that a feminist understanding is able to help us dissect. As we've grown and matured as a company in these 5 years, we've continuously felt the urge to push ourselves to do more through our ever-growing audience, platform, and resources. From that urge, you've seen us establish our 'Feminist Creatives' initiative that now has over 25 artists whose artwork make up many of the designs we offer. And not only does their artwork make up much of our site, they retain the full rights to their work, are properly credited on each product listing, and receive a portion of the profits from each sale that one of their designs account for, monthly and in perpetuity (of which we've paid out to the tune of over $125,000 now!).

Just how that came about organically and has since become one of the backbones of our company, so has the commitment we're excited to announce here. Beginning this year, we're committing 10% of our net profits to a coalition of nonprofits and grassroots organizations whom are doing the incredibly tough work on the ground that our clothing & products touch on in their designs. This means that from now on, every single time you shop with Feminist Apparel, you can rest assured that not only will your purchase make an impact when you put on what you bought and spread conversations about feminism in your communities, but now, your purchase will also help us increase the amount of money we're able to give back at the end of the year to nonprofits and grassroots organizations that can squeeze the most impact out of our donations. Thank YOU!

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