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Become a Feminist Creative


Join the Online Marketplace for Empowering Feminists Across the World!

With Feminist Apparel, you will be contributing to a thriving community of artists and activists responsible for sparking engaging conversations surrounding feminist issues and intersectional feminism as a whole. Plus, you will always be credited and paid for the creative work you do!




  • Have your work seen by our 80,000+ total monthly visitors to our website
  • We handle all the transactions, production, shipping and customer service issues for you!
  • You'll be joining an active social media community of 225,000+ passionate individuals from all over the world!
  • We feature our Feminist Creatives each week in our regular email newsletter that reaches our 50,000+ subscribers.
  • The best part yet? You retain complete control of your art & get paid monthly for your designs we sell!  We're simply here to shine a spotlight on the diverse creative talent pushing the movement forward and to support you so you can continue creating!









We encourage our creatives to use their environment and the issues facing their communities today as jumping off points for their designs. If you've found yourself here, we are confident that you have the creative spark inside of you to share with us some truly inspiring designs, so trust your voice and share your story! We are currently interested in diversifying our collection to include more designs that are inclusive of all of our lived experiences, speak to the beauty and power of our unique identities, and highlight the importance of intersectional feminism. 

Photo of Model in Jean Jacket and FA Shirt

Guidelines for Designs:

    • All images must be original./No copyrighted images allowed.
    • Expletives should be used positively--to point out an issue, raise awareness, but never to put someone down.
    • If quotes are used, they must be cited, ideally on the design itself.
    • No celebrity images.
    • No explicit partisan/campaign backing should be used in any messaging/designs.
    • No use of ‘hashtags’, unless partnering with the hashtag creator.
    • No discriminatory language against any group of people. 


Follow these easy steps to submit your design - or two or three! - for consideration!

1.   Send an E-Mail to with the subject line: "DESIGN SUBMISSION: # of designs, your name"

2.   Include the following in the body of the email: Name of the designs; Your full name (please note if you wish to remain anonymous or use an artist name); At least one relevant link to your artist page, Twitter page, Instagram account, etc.; Your E-Mail address associated with your PayPal account

3.   Attach files of your designs in the correct format - as explained below!

The artwork must follow the criteria below:

  • If artwork is vectorized, send vector art in PDF, EPS or AI
  • If artwork is not vectorized, send a High Res PSD or TIFF file no smaller than 14" x 14" and 300dpi
  • The Background must be transparent and in CMYK color mode
  • Area of Print for apparel is typically 14" by 16"
  • We also now offer posters! If you'd like your design to be considered for sale as wall art, please provide a 12" by 18" file for us to use. Thanks!


We will do our best to let every artist know the status of each of their designs within a month of their submission! Once approved, we will be in touch to welcome you on board! We will request your address and SSN for tax purposes and follow up on any loose ends we may have left before launching your collection.

You are welcome to have as many designs in your collection as you please, and you can keep your designs live in the shop for as long as you want!

However, if you don't hear from us within a month please assume your design has been rejected. We apologize for the inconvenience, but because of the volume of designs we receive, we may not be able to respond to everyone individually.

Please consider the following reasons designs are often not considered for printing:

  • Stylistic and/or messaging differ from Feminist Apparel's values and goals
  • Design was not within our general product design guidelines
  • Overflow of similar design concepts


Once we've gotten all the details squared away, our team will create a collection page for your designs - offering your work for purchase printed on our wide inventory of items ranging from baby onesies to Adult 5XL T-shirts.

With each item sold, you earn 20% of our profit margin! Since our standard profit margin is $12.00, you'll receive $2.40 per sale - which can add up quickly!

One of our very first Feminist Creatives earned over $7,000 in sales last year with her six designs that are currently for sale! While another one of our Creatives earned over $4,500 in 2016 from the sales generated by just one design!

Our Creatives are paid at the end of each month via PayPal or direct deposit for all the sales made during that time period. 

Even though we take care of all the heavy lifting of the logistics involved in selling, printing and shipping your designs all over the world - we still encourage our Feminist Creatives to be as involved in the community as possible! Share your collection with others, take photos of your items, and keep creating! It's important that all of our voices are heard as we continue to grow the complex conversations surrounding intersectional feminism today. 

Have any more questions? Check out our Artists' FAQs here for more information. 

Ready to get involved?


Submit your designs today...  We are ready to build the movement with you!



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